Pope Jai Thai Restaurant

Pope Jai Thai is a social enterprise F&B outlet that offers dine-in, catering/bento boxes, workshops and sauce production.

“Pope Jai” in Thai means ‘to satisfy from the heart’. Pope Jai Thai first began as a small food stall in a coffee shop in 2012. Now, they operate as a restaurant located at Scape in Orchard Road. They are a social enterprise aiming to provide training and employment for people with special needs or physical disabilities, and the disadvantaged community in Singapore. They take pride in serving authentic Thai dishes in a safe and inclusive environment for all staff and guests.

We’ve been there a couple of times and the dishes are tasty and well prepared – definitely among the better Thai eateries that we have tried in Singapore. Their staff were all very polite and courteous, providing good service.

Rare to find in Singapore was the BBQ Pork Neck. Slightly sweet slices went perfectly with the accompanying spicy, salty chili dipping sauce and freshly sliced shallots. Love their version of Yam Woon Sen, Seafood Vermicelli Salad. Light and yet very robust flavour because of their generous addition of minced pork. The Red Tom Yam was rich and yet had the perfect balance of fiery spice and tongue-curling sourness.  Next time will definitely try the clear version! We enjoyed the mango salad, and mango sticky rice too.

Next time you’re in Orchard Road and want to do good with your eating, go to Scape and visit them. They do catering as well, so you can try them out for your office or home gatherings.

Website: http://www.popejai.com/
Enquiries/Reservations: +65 6634 1238
Address: Scape, 2 Orchard Link, #03-03, Singapore 237978
Opening Hours: Daily, 12noon – 10pm.


  1. Janelle Soh

    We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the meal with us! We really like your pictures and would like to repost the photos on our social media pages, is that okay with you? We’ll tag you in the caption for photo credit as well..

    • Pyk

      Hi Janelle, sure thing. Feel free to use the photos. I can also send you the hi-res version of the photos if you want. Let me know what email to send to?

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