Wow Wow West

Wow Wow West is a western food hawker stall run by daughter and father team, Elizabeth and Eric Ng.  They support the Yellow Ribbon Project by hiring ex-offenders and ex-drug addicts to work at its branches.

Beautiful write-up’s on their history from a couple of bloggers:
2007 Link:
2011 Link: danielang
2019 Post: vulcanpost

Address: 6 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-133 ABC Brickworks Food Centre S150006
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat, 11am to 9pm

Please note that they sold off the Redhill branch, so currently it’s just the ABC Brickworks outlet that’s operational.

Our dining experience with Wow Wow West

Make sure you are ABSOLUTELY STARVING when you pay them a visit.  The portions are HUGE and GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!  🙂

For $6-7 per dish, we tried 5 of their items.  In order of preference:

1) Chicken Chop (Best pick!)

A huge portion of chicken, together with their standard condiments of french fries, coleslaw and baked beans.  Imagine a whole chicken flattened by a frying pan.  Kid you not!  It felt that big!  🙂  But meat texture was succulent, juicy and well-marinated with their slightly peppery blend of herbs and spices.

2) Pork Chop

2 big pieces of chop that had the perfect balance of taste and texture, with marinade similar to the chicken chop.  They were tender, firm, without being too dry.  Although it was a tad on the salty side.  But it definitely was tasty!

3) Pork Cheese Sausage

Cheese oozing out with every slice.  VERY NICE if you’re the kind (like me!) whose idea of heaven is a combination of cured meat and cheese! Very rich!

4) Steak

Portion size didn’t disappoint either.  But the steak did come a little too overdone, when we had requested for medium rare.  So safer option to order if you like your steaks well done.  Pretty tasty too!

5) Fish and Chips

Picture a mini breaded whale and that’s what you’ll be getting.  😀  The batter was nice and crispy.  And it’s served with a pinkish tartar sauce.  Methinks it may have a hint of Thousand Island.

Overall, definitely worth repeat visits on hungry days!  🙂

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  1. Grace

    Wow thanks for this. I’ll have to check out this stall the next time I’m there.

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