Sewing Mums


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Sewing Mums provides single mothers who are unable to go out to work with an opportunity to earn income from home. These ladies either need to look after their children, or some have illnesses that prevent them from engaging in full-time jobs. They produce nice comfy cushions, the most popular ones being their owl designs. They have also started producing cloth sling bags.

Run by Kim Underhill, a freelance management consultant, she provides the ladies with a sewing machine, sewing training, and subsequently the fabrics and raw materials to produce the cushions. She would then bring the products to be sold at various pop-up bazaars and fairs, and at corporate events which sponsor a table for their sales.

Sewing Mums can also conduct corporate team bonding activities to learn how to sew, and bring back your own hand-made owl cushion after. You can follow them and enquire about purchasing their products from their Facebook Page.

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