Flourish Culinary


Flourish Culinary is a social enterprise that celebrates creativity, artisanal food & applied learning for special needs youth with varied degrees of challenges or needs. Not all special needs youth after graduating from school can leap straight into full swing employment. Flourish Culinary hopes to bridge that gap by providing a safe and caring environment for progressive learning, an interim and transitional employment before that full leap.

Their dream is to create an eco system from fair trade, to skill set empowerment, transitional employability, and even to providing a platform for special needs youths to start their own little business with their caregiver.

Flourish Culinary provides tarts, puffs, cakes, cookies, pastries, quiches and sandwiches, for events, receptions, and home gatherings. They also provide culinary workshops.

We tried their chocolate tart and lemon tart and both were really good! The chocolate tart was dark and dense, and the lemon tart was tangy and citrus-y! Makes me salivate just thinking about it.

Please visit their Facebook Page and Website directly to view their selection and place your orders.

#stuffwithadifference | #socialenterprise | #businessforgood | #partofthegood


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