The LOOMs Workshops

The LOOMs Workshops is a social enterprise that provides education and employment for disadvantaged women through the creation and sale of handcrafted homeware and fashion accessories.

Personal development workshops are designed in order to allow each of the LOOMs Sewing and Crafting Mums to turn their lives around and to sustain this transformation over the long term. Aspects covered in these workshops include self-improvement, confidence, motivation as well as vital financial management and planning skills.

Upon completing the education and training programme, The LOOMs Workshops offers these women a job progression path designed so that these women can continually work towards enabling a greater change in their lives.

Their main products comprise aprons (standard and customised), coasters and currently gift sets, specifically for Mother’s Day!

The online order process is very straight forward, and you’ll receive an order notification via email upon successful completion.  Products are sent via registered mail, so please note that delivery charges apply. I bought one of their classic sets and it came beautifully packaged in a box with silky ribbon within a few days.

Over the years, their products are getting higher and higher quality, and they now can take on corporate orders, with customised designs to match.

Check out their products at:


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