Personalised Love

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Personalised Love (PLove) is a social enterprise that trains and employs people with special needs to produce beautiful leather-based personal and corporate gifts. They also conduct corporate workshops and school sessions around leather craft making and values-based workshops for learning about empathy, communication and team-bonding.

They work in close collaboration with Grace Orchard School to provide their graduating students with long-term employment opportunities. In 2015, they were awarded the Social Enterprise Commendation Award by the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Awards.

PLove was founded by Hwee Khim and her husband in 2014 as they wanted to spend their lives on behalf of the disadvantaged in  Singapore. They belief that each special needs individual has special talent, and aim to celebrate the gifts of each person and empower them with dignity in society.

Speaking with Hwee Khim, it was clear how passionate she was about helping these people with special needs, treating them almost like her own children. Her products are of the highest quality in material and workmanship showing that a social enterprise can indeed strive for excellence. Many corporates have already commissioned PLove to make their corporate gifts.

I like how she even prints name cards for each of their special needs artisans, giving them the dignity just like any corporate person would have a company name card. These special needs artisans look forward to interacting with members of the public when they conduct the corporate and school workshops for participants.

You can find out more about them at:

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