Project Nomad


Nomad is a social enterprise that connects rural artisans to emerging and developing markets, providing them with livelihood and educational support for the young kids in their communities.

Currently, Nomad is partnering with artisans in India and Indonesia to produce quality leather bags that are marketable around the world. Through a balance of innovation, incorporation of modern fashion elements, and maintaining the essence of human touch, their bags are designed for urbanites who appreciate vintage leather crafts.

Nomad holds strongly to their beliefs in fair trade and increasing the income opportunities for their artisans. Nomad is committed to providing livelihood for artisans from poor communities and to preserve their craftsmanship across generations.  Through the Nomad restoration project, basic infrastructures and supplies for education are provided to enable children from the poor communities to have better access to quality education.

You can view Nomad’s products at their website, or contact them through email:

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