hello flowers!


hello flowers! is a social enterprise floral studio that creates beautiful moments with flowers and nature. At hello flowers!, you will expect a lot of experimenting, mixing and just letting nature speaks for itself.

Founded by Annie, a curious and idealistic individual who trained and worked as a social worker with families with violence. In the process, she saw a gap in the availability of flexible employment for individuals who can’t commit to full time work and also realised the therapeutic effect of flowers and nature. Thus, hello flowers! was set up – by marrying both the ideas. hello flowers! currently provides on-job training and ad-hoc employment mainly to local ladies from lower-income families.

hello flowers! has just completed their pilot run of KINS which is a social training programme that aims to empower local women who are unable to work or hold full-time jobs due to various barriers such as caregiving issues, lack of education and/or skills. Through this project, these women are equipped with skills (i.e. crafts, entrepreneurial skills and social skills) and given a platform to earn extra income through their craft and works. hello flowers! is currently reviewing the pilot run of KINS and is in the midst of gearing up for the 2018 run, so please stay tuned to that! Support this cause by buying the gifts that are handcrafted by the ladies or by volunteering with this programme. They also offer partnership or volunteer opportunities.

hello flowers! is able to provide for weddings and events, and they also do private or corporate workshops.

Website: http://helloflowers.sg/
Email: hello@helloflowers.sg
Instagram: www.instagram.com/helloflowerssg
FB: www.facebook.com/helloflowerssg
Address: Blk 52 Chin Swee Road #03-39 Singapore 160052


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