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Party with Meaning! Huh? Is that really possible? Absolutely yes!

Social enterprise Gift-It-Forward is an online invitation and gifting platform that helps you plan parties with a charitable twist. Gift-It-Forward wants to help your children learn about charity and spreading generosity. It will also simplify the event planning and the overall gift-giving experience for you as parents.

Started by Theresa Evanoff, a mom with three young kids who experienced first-hand the waste and pains of birthday parties and gifts, she wanted to instill the values of generosity and social responsibility in her children, reduce the unwanted toys clutter at home!

How It Works

When you send your invitations through Gift-It-Forward, you automatically create a personal gift fund, of which a portion will go towards a charity you choose from their list of partner charities, and the other portion to a group gift you hope to receive. Instead of guests bringing individual gifts to your party, they simply contribute to your gift fund online – no shopping, no guessing what you want! After your party is completed, Gift-It-Forward pools together your contributions and splits it between you and your charity. Everyone wins!

You can create your event in 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose your invitation from the fabulous selection of designs.
  2. Choose your charity to support from the carefully curated list of local charities
  3. Add details about your party.
  4. Personalise and choose gift. Choose between 50-100% of your contributions to benefit your selected charity, and tell your guests about the gift you’re saving up for! and,
  5. Save and send your invitation! Send it by email or as a link to be used on other media platforms. Send it to family and friends near and far to help you celebrate and share the joy!

Check out all the Superstars who have supported charities for their celebrations! The beauty of Gift-It-Forward is that it’s not only for kids, but adults can also use it for baby showers, house warming, weddings, or even your own birthday bash!

Create your party and gift fund today at:

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