AMGD Healthy Meals


AMGD is a commercial enterprise with a strong social mission. The company believes in empowering employees from less advantaged backgrounds by providing them with meaningful job opportunities in the F&B industry that will help shape their future career progressions.

By equipping them with relevant skills, AMGD seeks to increase their self-confidence and self-worth. The company follows a 30-70 metric, whereby 30% of its workforce are from less advantaged backgrounds, such as those from welfare homes, ex-convicts, as well as senior employees.

AMGD provides healthy meals, that are ordered online and delivered to your door step daily. They are committed to helping you have easy access to at least one healthy meal a day. Ordering is simple – you can go online to their website to purchase a meal pass, after which you can choose your meals and get them delivered to your doorstep with no extra cost. We deliver islandwide (yes even to Tuas!).

Each AMGD meal is carefully crafted with fresh quality ingredients, accented by artisanal sauces and condiments. You get to pick from their eclectic, special menu of greens, fruits and tasty protein.

They have 6 different meal passes to choose from, depending on the number of meals you’d like to have. The more meals you purchase, the cheaper each meal gets.

AMGD has expanded to Hong Kong in less than a year, and the company is hoping to expand to Taiwan and Thailand within the next year. In every country that they expand to, they seek to establish the same 3-70 metric system when it comes to hiring employees. Try them out today!

Tel: +65 8781 9323


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  1. Eric & Anna

    We were blessed with a 10-meal pass at AMGD by our beloved friends right after our confinement period ended. Right from the ordering process to the yummy meals, it was an enjoyable experience!

    We were awed by the number and variety of meal options! In spite of the many meal options available, we appreciated that they were categorised into categories such as “AMGD Classic 10!”, “What She Likes!” and “What He likes!”, making it very easy for us to narrow down our options. Also, for the health conscious, each meal’s calorie count was also stated in the website, which I really love!

    The meals were fresh and really tasty! Whoever said healthy meals taste bland should give their meals a try. I find that their mains are very well-marinated. Most of the meal choices what we ordered came with a meat, vegetables and fruit. We were most impressed by the fact that even the fruits in the meals were mostly sweet! This shows that effort was probably also put into the selection of the fruits. My personal favourite meal was “Dot Dot Dot”, with grilled honey chicken stuffed in zucchini as the main dish and soba. I especially liked the ‘sambal tempeh’ side, and thought it was a really good mix of western and asian fare. Another favourite is “Moo”, a beef wrap in wholewheat tortilla with bulgogi BBQ sauce, the combination of flavours was awesome.

    Also, delivery was on time and the meals were packaged really well in microwavable containers. All in, it was a yummylicious experience!

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