Jaga-Me Care Services


Jaga-Me’s mission is enable everyone to have access to affordable, quality healthcare at home. (In case you are wondering, “Jaga” is the malay word for ‘guard’, but in Singlish, it means to ‘keep watch over’ something).

Jaga-Me wants to help you care for your loved ones. It’s online platform connects you with qualified care professionals to provide high quality and affordable out-of-hospital, home care. Services rendered include care management, caregiving service, care giver training, medical escort services, and convenience of carrying out clinical procedures at home by a trained professional. The nurses and caregivers are screened for experience, qualifications and quality.

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The idea for Jaga-Me was born during the MIT Hacking Medicine 2015 hackathon event in Singapore. A random group of strangers were put together in a team to use innovation and technology to solve healthcare problems. This is where two of the Co-Founders Julian Koo and Kuah Ling Ling met.

Working in the nursing sector, Ling Ling had the idea of ‘uberising’ healthcare services, and this is what their project team worked on. They eventually won third prize at this hackathon. This was the push the co-founders needed to quit their jobs and work full time on this. Jaga-Me subsequently went on to win the NTUC Income Future Starter Challenge, and also receive the Singtel Future Makers Award.


Project Going Home

Although just a burgeoning start-up, Jaga-Me has already gone the extra mile to help the terminally-ill. In 2014, the Lien Foundation survey of 1,000 people found that 77 per cent of them preferred to die at home, even if there was insufficient support from family, friends or medical professionals.

To help people fulfil their wishes of going home for their final days, Jaga-Me started Project Going Home to offer free nursing services to financially needy patients who are on a terminal discharge (given less than 72 hours to live). The cost of services are covered through raising of funds and donations specifically for this purpose – for which $20,000 has already been raised to date.

Contact Details

So if you’re a professional nurse or caregiver, you can sign-up to provide services on this platform (you will have to go through the screening procedure), or if you are looking for home care services for your loved ones, you can register and start requesting for services with a few simple clicks.

Website: www.jaga-me.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jagamehome
Instagram: instagram.com/jagamehome
Tel: +65 8498 4598
Email: support@jaga-me.com

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