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Repurpose flowers

Founder of Bloomback, Hazel, says, “Any contribution from the public is a gift to a marginalised woman in our community.”

BloomBack is a online floral social enterprise that seeks to empower marginalised women. Hazel’s inspiration came from her background of being raised by a low-income single parent who had to provide for her and her partially-disabled sister.

Having witnessed the struggles of her own mother, and knowing that there are countless of other similar women out there who face the challenge finding employment, providing for their family, and raising their children, Hazel founded BloomBack with the mission to use beautiful flowers to lift spirits of the community and empower these women.

With the aim of improving their employability and quality of life, BloomBack provides marginalised women with scholarships to attend training programmes in creative literacy such as floristry and personal development. These upgrading training opportunities enhance personal growth and trigger a positive transformation that help these women gain back confidence and step them towards meaningful employment.

As a one-stop floral platform that offers a complete suite of floral products and services, BloomBack features the creations of all kinds of florists to benefit consumers in the convenience of searching for quality floral products and services.

A portion of the sales generated from the professional florists via the website is used to fund the training programmes of the marginalised women. Upon completing their training, the floral creations of the marginalised women are sold on BloomBack to support them with income generation.

BloomBack hopes to promote a community where people will associate flowers with doing good for the society.

Please visit or contact:
WhatsApp: +65 8749 4806


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  1. That’s a very good initiative you have started. Such blogs should be promoted to spread the word. Thanks for sharing such a noble cause and I am doing the same. Keep it up.

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