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Learn some rhythm, beat a box, and do some good all at the same time. BEAT’ABOX GROUP is a social enterprise that offers a cajon lessons, sells their own range of cajons, and has a mission of reaching out to youths and people with disability through music.

Regardless of your age or background, you can sign for for cajon lessons at Beat’ABox. They have a spectrum of cajon modules that cover the fundamentals of playing a cajon, all the way to advance playing. Students will also be exposed to outdoor/indoor concerts and performances. They are located at *Scape at Orchard Link.

BEAT’ABOX also have their own range of local and overseas made cajons which are handcrafted with skilled workmanship and passion. Their intention is for everyone to own a cajon at a very affordable price, without compromising on its sound quality.

The social arm of BEAT ’ABOX has a vision for people of all backgrounds to be united through playing the cajon. The Cajon Society operates to achieve the following:

  1. For the young children – to create a non-threatening environment where they can establish new friendships through exploring beats and rhythms together.
  2. For the elderly – to complement their active aging lifestyle with a skill that can be easily acquired and brings much joy in their learning process of beats and rhythms.
  3. For friends with disabilities – to discover their untapped gift in beats and rhythms, and increase their interaction with the mainstream society through showcasing their talent at public performances, and thereby increasing their personal and social confidence.
  4. For youths – to provide them an avenue to experience spontaneous self-expression and inter-cultural interaction through the “voices” of the cajon.

At the Festival for Good 2016, BEAT’ABOX partnered with Dialogue in the Dark and had people with visual impairment put up a cajon performance at the opening:


Beat’ABox experiencial workshop at the Festival for Good 2016:



You can contact BEAT’ABOX at:


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