SDI Academy

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SDI Academy seeks to teach English language and IT skills to migrant workers, thereby helping them to better communicate and integrate into our workforce and society.

Migrant workers and foreign labour have played a critical role in Singapore’s progress: they’ve built our homes, served in our factories and taken care of our children. Unfortunately, they live on the margins of society and face great difficulties in assimilating into the mainstream.

SDI Academy is on a mission to champion their cause and give them a voice. They use a new approach to English language training – using digital content to provide high-quality interactive learning environment ensuring that workers become familiar with technical terms and operating procedures of their workplace.

The Academy has so far helped more than 2000 workers learn English and computer skills. This has helped in improving productivity and safety standards at worksites, leading to higher salaries and better jobs for our students.

Founded by a bunch of young lads, SDI Academy’s work has provided a new approach into how youth can be a key driver in resolving social issues, hopefully encouraging even more youth to be involved in community engagement initiatives to affect positive social change.

You too can be involved by volunteering with them. I love their tagline:
You + Us = Awesome

For more information, please visit their website or email them directly:

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