I’m Soul Inc – Music for Healing

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Music is one of my passions, and I’m excited to discover a social enterprise that uses music to bless the needy and less privileged.

I’m Soul Inc has programmes that are designed to enrich mind, body and soul, and to empower everyone to make music so that they can unlock the therapeutic power of music. They seek to touch the lives of the young and old, abled and disabled, healthy or ill – to enable them to make music enabled by technology.

I’m Soul Inc believes that music is primal, universal and transformational, and has the amazing power to rewire our brains, make us happy, and enhance self-confidence and human connection. Neuroscience research has shown that the impact of music is multiplied when people make music, i.e. play, compose and perform music. Other research show that learning to play a musical instrument is like a comprehensive workout for the brain – helping the brain get sharper and develop further.

Unfortunately, not everyone can make music the conventional way – in holding the instrument, reading the notes or affording time-consuming music lessons. Through the use of music technology, I’m Soul Inc simplifies the task and helps everyone of all ages and abilities to enjoy the power of music.

They have tailored programmes for:

  • Parents & educators: To grow your child’s creativity, confidence and compassion.
  • Caregivers & healthcare professionals: To enhance the quality of life of those you care for.
  • Anyone: To go beyond listening and make music for its full benefits whatever your age, language, abilities or disabilities.

You can find out more from their website and do VOTE for them for the Asia for Good Reader’s Choice – www.asiaforgood.com/article/top-12-social-enterprises-asia-vote-your-favourite!

Website: www.imsoulinc.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ImSoulInc/
Email: events@imsoulinc.com


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