Soule Slippers

Soule Flipflops and Lifestyle Goods

Soüle is a play on two words = Sole + Soul. Their mission is to provide a sole for every soul.

Can shopping change the world? They think so. Every purchase you make at Soule goes towards empowering someone in need. Since 2008, their “Sole for every Soul” initiative and Souledier movement have enabled change through shopping – a portion of each sale of every Soule product goes into initiatives for children living under the poverty line and survivors of natural disasters.

It all started as a project in the year 2008 after Justine Lee, its founder, was impacted by a humanitarian trip to China after finishing his ‘O’ Level exams then. Upon witnessing the lack of proper footwear in the rural villages, Justine thought of a sustainable business model: for every Soule product bought, part of the proceeds will go into helping children in need. They also believe in empowering youths to be changemakers rather than just consumers. 

Soule’s website:

Contact them at: or

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