SMARTERIA: From Phnom Penh to Paris

Smateria’s product creation is not only about recycling: it is also about creating useful, attractive and innovative items from the most mundane materials…  Smateria is all about transformation. A used milk carton becomes a diary or maybe a handbag. Creative thinking adds value to an object, regardless of its original worth…  Smateria aims at a continuous process of transformation, beginning with discarded objects (like nets, plastic, old motorcycle seats, etc). 

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.


An amazing company operating out of Cambodia, started by 2 Italian ladies, staffed by local Cambodians.  Items are a little on the expensive side but designs are really well done, etc.  I bought a phone case and a tote bag, both made out of mosquito net.  Very good quality and very tasteful designs.

Singapore distributor is Simply Living,  Limited range of Smarteria products and there’s currently something wrong with their online shop.  Best to contact directly via email,

Currently exploring ways to purchase from other overseas distributors to ship to Singapore, without costing the earth!  😛  To be updated.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. thank you so much for this great description of our project!
    thank you!
    Elisa and Jennifer
    Smateria ltd.

    • Thanks for dropping by! Really love your combination of transforming mundane stuff to beautiful, cutting edge designs and giving Cambodian people more employment opportunities.

      Please please consider opening a store in Singapore. Really bummed about the limited range we get here. 🙂


  2. Anne Molly Camoens

    My visit to Cambodia recently was more meaningful after I had acquired a handbag from Smateria! Good to note that whilst being an “Eco Avenger” my self I could also help the local community as some contribution from my recent purchase will be channeled to this special fund. The handbag is really cool & stylish!

    Keep up good work!

    AnneMolly Malaysia

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