Daughters of Tomorrow – Livelihood SOS


Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a social enterprise enabling livelihoods for underprivileged women in Asia. They provide design, marketing expertise and sales channels for products made by women communities who benefit through skills training and employment.

DOT is founded by Singaporean Carrie Tan, who upon making a volunteer trip to India in 2007, felt a strong burden for the many women there who are in extreme poverty and poorly treated. She eventually left her corporate job to setup DOT with the aim to provide sustainable livelihood for such disadvantaged women, giving them dignity for their lives and their children’s future.

DOT’s Mission:

The mission of DOT is to reduce child-abandonment, infanticide, human trafficking & child prostitution through enabling financial self-sufficiency for all women so that they can be empowered to provide and care for their own children.

DOT’s Communities: 

1.  Low-Income Women in SG – DOT works with the family service centres in Singapore to identify women in low-income or troubled family situations to provide skills training and employment opportunities. These women typically have many children but are unable to find flexible work arrangements that accommodate their childcare needs, or are single mothers struggling to cope. Through employment with DOT,  women in the local sewing and craftwork group regains confidence in themselves and gains a social support network that helps them through their difficult times.

2.  Lalitha Women’s Cooperative is a fair trade initiative that provides skills training in basic sewing and embroidery to the village women in Kadapa, India. DOT provides skills enhancement training in the areas of quality control, resource management and business communications to the women at Lalitha Women’s Cooperative. They design products suited for the 1st world market and employs the women from Lalitha Women’s Cooperative to make them. Through enabling financial self-sufficiency of mothers, DOT’s work helps to reduce the incidence of female infanticide in the Kadapa region.

3.  HOME – The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics – DOT works with HOME to provide trafficked women temporarily transiting in Singapore with skills training. Through these crafts training with DOT,  these women gain vocational and organizational skills that helps them find employment or start their own small businesses when they return to their home countries.

DOT’s Products:

The first type are In-house Products which are designed by DOT’s team of volunteer designers, and made by communities of women who are trained and employed directly by DOT.

The second type are Partner’s Products are made by communities of women working directly or indirectly with other social enterprises. DOT serves as a marketing and distribution platform to help spread awareness about these communities.

Read more about DOT’s inspiring work at: http://www.daughtersoftomorrow.com/

Their products are available at their e-shop: http://www.daughtersoftomorrow-shop.com/

They even have a “pre-loved” shop where you can contribute your second hand items like handbags and dresses for their social mission as well (and I know many of us Singaporeans who have excessive clothes and bags – so why not contribute them for a good cause): http://www.daughtersoftomorrow-shop.com/preloved-branded-items-s/1820.htm

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