Ren Bakers

2016 ANNOUNCEMENT: Sad to say that Ren Bakers have closed operations permanently.

Heard about this outfit from one of our good friends over a meal…

Ren (仁) Bakers is a bakery and café with a difference. Ren Bakers, a partner of Ekklesia Renaissant Consulting.Com, is a social enterprise, that is, a business enterprise with a mission to create social value and sustainable social renaissance.

Ren Bakers serves hearty, home-style, premium-quality food, cakes and beverages – fresh, healthy, nourishing and tasting of homey goodness. In serving up “a slice of home”, Ren Bakers also serves to provide empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to the socially disadvantaged through its business operations and franchise opportunities, as well as to fund the varied social missions of the Benevolent Champions Programme through its business profits and resources.

For more information, check out their:

Latest update as of 6 Apr 2015: They’re closed indefinitely.  Let’s hope they re-open at some point with renewed vigour!  😀

One comment

  1. Deborah

    their chocolate cake is to die for!! 😀

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