The Community Kitchen


The Community Kitchen is a social enterprise project launched in March 2006 to create employment and/or business opportunities for the long term unemployed jobseekers, to help them take a step towards self-reliance. It is a collaboration between the North West Community Development Council (CDC), Bukit Panjang Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) and the Al-Iman Mosque Welfare Committee.


The Community Kitchen serves to be incubators for the difficult-to-place and/or needy job seekers and aims to make meals service affordable and available to more needy residents, especially those who are unable to prepare cooked meals due to medical, physical or intellectual disability.

The Community Kitchen Food Kiosks serve a wide variety of dishes daily, providing an alternative to the food fare in the neighbourhood with a good cause. It’s located at Bangkit Market and Fajar Shopping Centre at Bukit Panjang.

They also provide a one-stop Halal Certified Catering Service that caters to corporate events, tea receptions, home parties as well as bento sets.

Food Kiosks:

Bangkit Market – Blk 258 Bukit Panjang Ring Road, Singapore 670258

Fajar Shopping Centre – 445 Fajar Road, Singapore 670445

Catering Contact:

Elton Li : 8125 7575, email

Desmond Lum : 9093 8617, email

More Info:

Website :

Tel : 67666736 / Fax : 6766 6736



  1. Sheila Cheng

    I would like to make an inquiry to loan a community kitchen for baking suitable for all races.
    Kindly contact me, thanks.

    Sheila Cheng

  2. Hi Sheila, you can contact Community Kitchen directly with your enquiry. Their contact details can be found in this post.

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