The YOuyii Project – A Christmas Special

Certainly one of the more unusual features on SWAD but no less meaningful!

In a nutshell, support a local Sewing Aunty community by adopting a special edition YOuyii ‘plushie’, either for yourself or to give to loved ones and inspire them to the ‘you yi’ in life again!

The YOuyii Project brings 3 great companies together for a Christmas collaboration:

1) Check out the story behind the project: 


2) Find out the flavours of ‘you yi’:


3) Take part in the ‘rescue mission’:

Save YOuyii

4) Join the action on FaceBook at: The YOuyii Project

5) Check out the 3 adorable plushies: Dino, Woolly & Dodo.  Make your orders at  Or head over to VivoCity #01-81 (outside Timberland) and adopt a Plushie on the spot!

What are you waiting for?  Make this the Christmas of meaning! 🙂  Blessed Christmas from the SWAD team!

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