Alteration Initiative

A-changin Private Limited is a social enterprise with a social mission to provide training and employment opportunities to work-capable women in need, especially single mothers.

Their first work-integration initiative, appropriately named Alteration Initiative, aims to equip disadvantaged women with garment alteration skills to achieve adequate source of income and better quality of life; integrating them into mainstream society.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.



One comment

  1. Amy

    I have altered a few pieces of clothing at Alterations Initiative. Heres what i like: Firstly, the seamstresses have a keen eye for detail. They have excellent workmanship – kept the original hem for my jeans! This is very important for people who love jeans! Secondly, it is super convenient. They have got an outlet at Chevron House which is like a 2 min walk from my office here is Raffles Place. The shop looks pretty good as well. You actually want to spend time there! Thirdly, If you dont like what they have done, they will amend for you free of charge if you come back within 14 days. Ok now for what i dont like… They are more expensive than your regular seamstress. But hey, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! I didnt mind paying a bit more for a job well done!

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