Breakthru Cafeteria

Breakthru Cafe offers reformed drug addicts the much needed employment opportunities where they can further their skills and be better prepared in reintegrating into the society.

The cafe’s delectable menu of local delights, like dim sum, vinegar pig’s trotters, chicken curry and local desserts, in a cozy setting makes it a regular choice for many working in its vicinity. As a ministry of Breakthrough Missions, the cafe provides 12 of its selected residents the hands on experience and responsibilities, allowing them to build confidence and to bless their families and the society.

Our eating experience at Breakthru

We went there for lunch on a Saturday, and found that the food was reasonably priced and of good quality.  The staff were very nice, with gentle smiles, and efficient in serving and clearing the tables.

The chicken curry was really nice – tasty and extra spicy!  There was a choice bread or rice to go with it.  We went with the bread which turned out to be slices of crusty french baguette.  Really yummy to dip in the thick curry sauce!

The chee cheong fun was smooth, and you can choose the filling – char siew, mushroom, chicken, and even chilli prawn floss.

Other dim sums delights included the pork ribs with black beans, yam cake, siew mai and cod fish toufu.  Generally all tasty and flavourful.  The local kopi was good too!!!

Desserts only had Chendol and Cheng Tng available as it was a Saturday and they close earlier. The serving portions were humungous!  The cheng tng was interesting as they also included tiny chunks of waterchestnut.  Added an unusual but nice crunch.

Worth the $10 per head bill. Was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the pigs trotters in vinegar, but oh well…  just means we’ll have to visit again!  🙂

I think it may be better to visit on weekdays, so that you can sample the full range of what they have to offer. 

For more information, please contact them directly:


Address: 101A Upper Cross Street, #01-02C, People’s Park Centre
Tel: +65 6533 5977
Opening Hours:
Mon– Thurs: 7am – 7pm
Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat: 7am – 3pm
(Closed on Sun/PH)

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