Gone Adventurin’



Divin’ Timor is an adventure like never before; set in the backdrop of East Timor, one of Southeast Asia’s most unexplored destinations, it takes you underwater diving in the most stunning, majestic and pristine dive sites in the world to support The Hummingfish Foundation’s sustainable livelihoods development project for East Timor’s women entrepreneurs.

From dawn dives in coral gardens, afternoon dives in spectacular underwater cliffs and ridges, evening dives with colourful schools of marine life, the quaint charms of Dili and finally to the rustic simplicity of Atauro Island, experience an amazing adventure off and inside the magical waters of East Timor.

Adventure Summary

  • Departure Date from Singapore: 10th November 2012, Saturday
  • Arrival Date into Singapore: 17th November 2012, Saturday
  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Challenge: 5 days of pristine underwater diving in the world’s best diving sites

If you are interested, please contact:
Ashwin Subramaniam: email or mobile (+65 8125 1377)
Contact Page: http://www.goneadventurin.com/contact-us.html

Gone Adventurin’ is a social enterprise in Singapore which creates, manages and leads outdoor adventure holidays with a difference.

Their adventure‐based projects raise funds and awareness to support charities tackling various social issues such as education, environmental sustainability, sustainable livelihoods development and animal welfare in Singapore as well as in other countries across South East Asia and beyond.

Whether its cycling over the hills of Timor-Leste or trekking in the jungles of Vietnam with nothing but a map and a compass, each of these challenges will breathe adventure into your life and act as catalysts to create positive change around you as well as inside you.

Their adventure challenges enable and empower people as well as organisations to raise between $20,000 to $40,000 for charities from around the world. And an added mix of our unique documentary films and media elements for each of our adventures enable huge amounts of awareness for the charities involved and also ensure your awesome life-changing moments remain captured forever!

Experience some of the world’s most amazing sights, cultures and people and get inspired by the mystic and rugged beauty of nature while directly supporting local communities through our unique challenges. Life is after all, either a great adventure or nothing!

To find out more about Gone Adventurin’ and what are the upcoming adventures you can sign up for, visit their website at:

Website: http://www.goneadventurin.com
Upcoming Adventures: http://www.goneadventurin.com/upcoming-adventures-calendar.html
Contact person – Ashwin Subramaniam:
 email or Mobile: +65 8125 1377

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