Aii Candy Gifts

Aii is a social enterprise that works with hearing impaired people to conceptualize lovely decorated candy packaged as gifts and favors, personalized hampers, beautiful candy tables and interesting goody and gift bags for corporate functions, parties, weddings, and product launches.  The Aii team also participates in corporate lunch time bazaars to allow more people to interact with their hearing impaired staff to reduce the misconceptions towards them, and for their staff to showcase their capabilities.

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To order or contact the Aii team, send email to

For more information, visit
Their  website:
Their FaceBook: Aii on FB

My brief meeting with Leona was totally inspiring. I met her at her little ‘office’ shop unit. Sweet young girl, but with a totally mature and inspiring view of life and her social enterprise business. She believes in running a business and not a charity, so she doesn’t accept gifts or donations. She believes that the hearing impaired don’t want pity, they just want to be accepted as normal people and be able to earn a living just like everyone else. She also doesn’t understand why so many Singaporeans complain so much when most of us are already so blessed. I walked away feeling like I was the one that was being blessed by her.

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