The Chain Reaction Project

The Chain Reaction Project (TCRP) organises adventure challenges to raise funds and awareness for deserving charities around Southeast Asian region. Join them on their trips and be inspired by the immense change that can be wrought by a single determined individual. Be a catalyst for change.

So far, TCRP has worked in Timor-Leste, Tanzania, the Philippines and Cambodia and has raised over $100,000 in 2012. It is constantly searching for new adventures and new causes to support.

The Chain Reaction Project was born in 2009, when four Singaporean women committed to help change lives in some of the world’s least-developed nations.United by a passion for adventure and philanthropy, TCRP seeks physical challenges and local organizations that can benefit from their efforts.

TCRP’s mission is to find a cause, have an effect and grow by inspiring others to be catalysts for change. Their philosophy is to make a sustainable, tangible impact within communities, which means they carefully vet adopted charities to ensure efficiency and legitimacy.

Find out more about these adventurous humanitarians and their upcoming trips at

You can also email them directly at:

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