Gourmet Guru Academy


At Gourmet Guru Academy, you can sign up for cooking classescater for events and functions, or purchase their cookbooks.

Gourmet Guru Academy is a collaboration between the Nanyang Technological University’s Students in Free Enterprise (NTU SIFE) and Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura Family Service Centre – West (PPIS FSC-West).

Their Mission: Turning homemakers into the best culinary teachers in Singapore
Their Vision: Creating opportunities for low-income women to become gainfully employed

GGA employs women who have graduated from PPIS FSC-West’s culinary skills programme with flying colours to become cooking instructors in our academy. Not only do these women gain opportunities to earn extra income, they also experience an increase in confidence and learn many useful and transferable life skills and business skills.

Their cooking classes focus on teaching authentic and traditional recipes. Through the collection of these precious recipes and sharing them so others can enjoy them, we hope to keep part of Singapore’s food heritage alive.

At the same time, their cooking classes offer you an opportunity to share special moments with your friends and families.

For more information, refer to their website:

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