WEworkz Handicrafts & Services

WEworkz, a co-operative for women, has a vision to encourage and empower lower-income Singaporean women who are unable to commit to full time employment to engage in home-based economic activities, such as making of handicrafts, accessories, and in the future, services such as manicure and pedicure services, balloon sculpting, face/hand painting and gift wrapping, to supplement their household income.

Their mission is to empower needy women with skills and business opportunities for economic independence so as to enable and enrich their lives.  The Co-operative provides training and business opportunities that fit the members’ personal skills and interests.

To find out more about their 3-pronged empowerment approach, please see link: Empowering Women

To shop in their online store, please visit link: WEworkz Store

For more information, please contact them directly at link: Weworkz Contact

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