Buffalo Ridge Lodge Safari

If you’ve never been to South Africa and/or a safari, you have to go to Buffalo Ridge Lodge at Madikwe Game Reserve Safari in South Africa!

Luxurious private chalets right in the middle of the reserve (you might catch sight of an elephant or zebra walk by!), 5 star cuisine, a great staff team, and the possibility of seeing Nature’s wonderful creation up close and personal in a malaria-free environment…  Really couldn’t ask for more!

But what makes this really worth supporting is the fact that Buffalo Ridge Lodge is the only lodge of its kind wholly owned by a local rural community, a Balete, from the tribe of the Botswana.  Your safari guides and staff are all from the village.  This is the result of a partnership between the Balete and an operating company with the expertise they needed to make this new business work.  Buffalo Ridge Lodge continues to bring benefit and economic development to the community.  There is a vigorous training programme designed to ensure that the Balete develop the skills to manage their own lodge. And they receive a fair rental, which is available for investment in the village and its people.

We were there in Oct 2010 and everything about the place and people took our breath away.  And knowing that our patronage was also helping sustain a local community and empowering them to make a living made the whole experience even more worthwhile.

Website: http://www.buffaloridgesafari.com/

A great and reliable contact to help with arrangements is Go To Africa: http://www.go2africa.com/

Our representative was really helpful!  You could do the bookings through her, Lisa Liprini, Lisa@go2africa.com.

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