Mother and Child Project

Mother and Child Project products (clothes, bags, accessories and corporate gifts) made in Singapore by mothers (mostly single mothers with children), retirees and women recovering from psychiatric illnesses.

By providing sewing contract work under the Mother and Child brand, the Project provides home-based work for disadvantaged mothers and their children so that they can become economically self-sufficient. They try to ensure that a large percentage of money earned from each product goes back to these women.

Mother and Child Project is a Social Enterprise run by Singapore Anglican Community Services and seed funded by Comcare Enterprise Fund.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.



  1. blian

    I am quite a fan of mother and child project. Love the unique, creative and lovely designs in their clothes, their accessories and their jewellery. Anna who creates some of these with the mothers is quite an amazing person and the love she has for the mothers when she teaches them to sew is seen in the stitches of love! You will always find something unique at mother and child project.

  2. sheena

    Hi Thanks for featuring us on your blog! Great to see our Project with other interesting enterprises!

    Sheena from Mother and Child Project.

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