Greenie Genie

Greenie Genie is an online store that specializes in accessories.  Their aim is to deliver products which are intricately handmade with assured quality and essentially, unique & one-of-a-kind which accentuate with lots of character and individuality. Through each of these amazingly handcrafted pieces, they hope that the awareness for a greener, more sustainable living with social responsibility can proliferate far and wide.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.


Facebook Page:!/pages/GreenieGenie/112043966353

Personally I love their idea of using ordinary materials and recreating something beautiful!  🙂

My Shopping Experience with Greenie Genie:

Ordered a bracelet via email, after browsing through their website.  Received a reply a few days later from founder/managing director, Jenny Sim.  Even though the model I requested was out of stock, she very helpfully offered me other options to choose from.

Package arrived in airmail envelope a few days after my inter-bank transfer, bracelet packed in clear plastic only.  So if you’re concerned about potential damage, registered mail would be a better option.  S$15.00 was total cost, inclusive of normal postage.  Also received a follow-up email from Greenie Genie to give me a heads-up that the package was on its way.

Bracelet was very well made, although much lighter than expected.  Recycled coke zero hearts backed with soft white foam, which I couldn’t really see in the pictures on the website.  That explained how they could keep the bracelet so light.  Will definitely look out for more of their designs!

Here is my buy:

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