Buy1Give1 (B1G1)

B1G1 helps individuals and businesses tie in their spending or sales (respectively) to giving back directly to specific charities in specific sums.

For individuals, B1G1 helps you put together a portfolio of donation to pre-determined charities based on your consumption, eg:  for every cup of coffee you buy, you give $1 to supply fresh water to a child in Uganda, etc.

For businesses, B1G1 enables you to give a pre-determined portion of your sales to a charity of your choice, eg: for every main dish sold, 2% goes to buying seed for a farmer in Thailand, etc.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.


Haven’t tried it out yet myself, but at first glance, something to note, about the individual giving…  Using this service still requires the user to input quantities consumed, in order to calculate overall donation at the end of a specified period (monthly, quarterly or yearly).  The user has to charge overall donation to B1G1 via credit card or paypal with a service fee to B1G1 for the consolidated calculation.

One comment

  1. First, congratulations on putting this all together — and really great to see the piece in the positive piece in the Straits Times today too (12 May, 2012).

    And thank you too for your review of B1G1— we really appreciate it.

    For a full review of B1G1 you may want to look on the B1G1 site as you suggest. And whilst there you might want to examine this article in SALT on B1G1’s Founder, Masami Sato. The article is great inasmuch as it also points out one of the challenges of B1G1 operating in Singapore:

    What you’re doing on the site here highlights the challenges as well (and many people simply are not aware of them!)

    As you know too, B1G1 makes certain that a full 100% of the giving goes to the project(s) chosen by the giver from amongst 634 projects. And that’s one of the reasons why (for individuals), we ask them to contribute just an extra $1 so that B1G1 can continue to be self-sustaining.

    And just one small but important correction — you don’t have to wait or indeed calculate the overall donation — you can do it instantly (and from as little as 1 cent to have a measurable impact).

    And oh, if you’d like to see a really fun (and full) interview we did recently on B1G1, do please take a look here — the interviewer, James Rick, has got to be one of THE best and highest energy interviewers you’ve ever experienced! You can check it out right here:

    Again, many congratulations and continued success.

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