Silver Spring

Silver Spring is a platform especially for those in their mid life career, to generate enterprise and economic activities, to tap on the wealth of expertise and resources. We aim to be a key player for professionals in career transition seeking ways to generate options, providing a myriad of career consulting services for SENIORS.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.

Website: SilverSpring


  1. Nor Ain Saleha, Mdm

    self is 59 years and retired. but keen to do something on a part time basis dealing with children as i love kids a lot! if you have a suggestion on how my passion in kids can add value to our community, let me know please. thank you!

    • I saw your query and would suggest that you email Silver Spring directly? Their site link is in this post. All their contact info should be there.

      FYI, we are not connected to their business in any way. Just merely highlighting what they do. 🙂 And it sounds like they are in a great position to advise you! 🙂

      All the best!

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