Laksania is a new eatery concept, started up by Spice Connect Pte Ltd, which specialises in an innovative menu of local and fusion dishes, based on the unique and flavourful herb – Laksa Leaf.

With Laksania’s firm belief that work is the best therapy, they have adopted a mission of social enterprises which is to employ marginalised groups in their Central Kitchen. These groups are encouraged to be self-reliant, to gain inter-personal and life skills, in the hope they may be financially independent.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below, especially for locations.


Our Experience at Laksania NEX Serangoon (no longer exists):

Joined by our fellow makan mates, Amber and Mae, we managed to sample 5 dishes in total.  Mind you, the menu has a gazillion items, so we will definitely be back to sample more!

We were served by a very polite young man who repeated our orders, just to double check.  Their system is to leave a menu list for us to tick our choices and the quantity.  All the staff were extremely pleasant and conscientious!

Singapore Laksa:  According to Amber, incredibly yummy  rich and thick broth.  Prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts, tau pok and thick been hoon swimming in spicy heaven.  My stolen mouthful confirmed it.  Wow, the prawny flavor was full and robust, complemented by the signature lemak’ness which helped tie it all together.  Definitely one of the better laksa lemak’s I’ve tasted in a while.  🙂  REALLY GOOD.

Kelantan Laksa (picture below):  By contrast was thinner and lighter, even though it was also coconut based, but no less flavor-ful.  I really liked it because it had plenty of minced fish, which made the kuah thick enough to savor.  A tiny bit sour in comparison to the Singapore Laksa.  Meant to be one of the less spicy choices but of course, I threw in a dollop of accompanying chilli paste, which made it perfect!  Definitely will order again!

Sarawak Laksa:  Mae had this and she described it as light, sourish and tasty.  This one was served with thin bee hoon though.  Looked a bit like mee siam with a bit of coconut.

Laksa Lasagne:  Very interesting interplay of laska and cheese flavours.  As odd as it may sound, it actually was VERY VERY tasty.  Only drawback was the portion size.  A bit small.  So only eat this if you’re not very hungry.  Or order TWO!

Laksa Goreng:  Fried version of the Singapore Laksa.  Not bad but I guess after the Singapore Laksa, we found this one not as tasty.  It was like char kway teow style but chor been hoon instead, fried with laksa paste.

Lime Mojitos:  Oddly enough, we were also bowled over by this non-alcoholic concoction.  The perfect companion to all these rich flavors because it was light, limey, fresh with a bubbly buzz.  🙂


PS:  Ta pao’ed back the Penang Laksa for brunch today.  Now, in my humble opinion, no one can make Assam Laksa as well as my mum, so I’m extremely hard to please when it comes to this particular dish.  😛  The broth was light but a bit too sour for my liking.  Although it did have a decent amount of minced fish.  To be fair, some of the flavors might have been lost over night and in the re-heating.  This probably calls for another tasting on-site!  😉 Anyone game to join us?!  🙂

Went to the Vivocity Branch and had the Myanmar Laksa, and it was delicious!!! I have no idea what goes into the laksa sauce, but it was good.


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