GAT (Gift and Take) Pte Ltd

GAT believes that social advancement for the less fortunate can co-exist with one built on a business foundation. They produce and sell gifts made by the impoverished, disabled and disadvantaged in this world.

For more information and queries, please contact the company directly at their website below.


My Shopping Experience with GAT:

Finally got round to buying some stuff from them after browsing through their online gallery.  Order was done by email.  Payment was cash on delivery.  Delivery was collected at an assigned location.

It was hard to decide on what to buy, mainly because there were no prices quoted on the online catalogue.  I had to specify each item that I was interested in and enquire about the price via email.  That turned out more tedious than I expected.  But at least they were helpful enough to send me more pictures of alternatives.

Also, their gallery wasn’t updated with their most current inventory.  As I understand, this was because they’re currently in the midst of updating their catalogue.  So, FYI, while you may see something that you’re interested in, they may not have it in stock.  Best to ask them to email you their most current catalogue.

Arrangements were made to collect my order at a location, specified by GAT, from mobile stalls at either 313 Somerset, near the Charlie Brown Cafe, or Vivo City Level 1, near Lobby A.  Delivery is also possible at S$15 for orders less than $100.  Delivery is free of charge if the order exceeds S$100.

Self collection turned out to be an unexpected bonus anyway since it gave me a chance to see more of their available stock, but more importantly a chance to meet and interact with some of the people they are ’empowering’.  Met a very polite young man who helped me to put my buys together and settle my transaction.  🙂

Below were my eventual buys:

1) Ecologic Notebook.  The cover was made of an inter-weave of recycled magazines.  Well-made and really liked the eclectic’ness of it!

2) Hand printed A4 Tote Bag.  

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